Leviticus 18-27: A walk with God through sanctification-being different

A walk with God through sanctification-being different

Leviticus 18-27


  1. In the book of Leviticus we have been studying a very important word: holiness.
    1. What is God’s most attractive attribute?
      1. Love?
      2. Creative nature?
      3. Omniscience?
      4. Omnipotence?
      5. Most people would not pick God’s holiness as His most attractive attribute.
    2. The Bible speaks God’s holiness more than any other attribute.
      1. Since the Bible speaks a lot about His holiness, then we too shall speak about it in this lesson, which by the way, Leviticus has to do with approaching God with holiness.
      2. Holiness is not only an Old Testament topic but it is also a New Testament topic.  (Matthew 6:9, “Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be Your name…”)
    3. “Holy” is the name of the third person in the Godhead, Holy Spirit.  Notice that He is not called “The Loving Spirit”, or the “Omniscient Spirit”, or “The Omnipotent Spirit”, but by His most attractive attribute, “The Holy Spirit”.
    4. Application:  We find a correlation between who God is and what God wants us to be: HOLY.
      1. We can’t pick and choose which attributes of God we like and toss out the rest.  We take the whole package as God reveals Himself to us.
      2. “Be holy for I am holy.”  

Come and worship with us for the entire lesson!