“Go and sin no more”

I’ve read this account many times, the women caught in the very act of adultery (John 8). A few of things have caught my attention:

1. Why did the Pharisees bring her to Jesus? I know the scriptures say that this was a trap. If Jesus said not to stone her then He would have broken the Mosaic Law (Lev. 20:10). If He had said to stone her, then His influence among the sinners would diminish. Where was the adulterous man? Why did the Pharisees not stone both of them when they were caught in “the very act?” And, were these folks peeping Toms?
2. Secondly, but most importantly, after the Pharisees left in shame Jesus asks the women i “Where are they? Has no one condemned you?” Jesus did not condemn her either. But why? Maybe, since He was not a witness and there were no accusers He could not condemn her? I really think that the reason He did not condemn her was because He was about to die for her sins.
3. Finally, have you noticed that Jesus told her to “go and sin no more.”? How could she do this, go and sin no more? Can you go and sin no more? What was her incentive to go and sin no more? I’m convinced that the woman realized that her life had been spared and out of pure gratitude she would go and try to sin no more.
We have been caught in the very act of ________(whatever sin) by God Himself. When we transgress the law we sin. Just a God in the flesh demonstrated grace, mercy, compassion, love and understanding toward this woman-He does the same for us. When our Lord died on the cross He died for my sins. His grace, mercy, compassion and love in the way of His death should be incentive enough for me to go and sin no more. If for nothing else, gratitude.

Romans 5:8; “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”