Come to church

It is 7:58 a.m. in Central Indiana, there is still time to get out of bed, eat some breakfast, read your Bible and come worship with us at the Spearsville Road church of Christ.  We begin our Bible Study at 10:00 a.m.  If you need a ride please call: 317-363-9900.  We will be studying:  Is the Bible Reliable?, Enemies we should defeat, and for the P.M. Dangers we need to avoid.

Son las 7:58 a.m. en el centro de Indiana, y aun est[a a tiempo para que se levante de la cama, desayune, lea su Biblia y venga a adorar a Dios con nostros (Spearsville Road church of Christ). Si necesita transporte llámenos a 317-363-9900. Estaremos estudiando: ¿Es la Biblia confiable?, Enemigos que debemos derrotar, y Peligros que debemos evitar.

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